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Major brand name designer apparel from big box retailers and manufactures.

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We only ship what we have in stock, and that is millions of dollars in authentic designer apparel.

Major Brand Names

Major brand names have have earned customer loyalty.

Smart Wholesale: Authentic Designer Apparel - Clothing

Smart Wholesale

Over 35+ Major Brand Names

Smart Wholesale

Why Carry Major Brand Name Apparel?

In the majority of instances, consumers know the brands of designer apparel they are interested in. The have a high certainty of what size fits them because they already own several products of the particular brand. 

Big brands have often built their names around quality and/or status. Consumers often know what to expect prior to purchasing.

Whether you operate a local retail storefront or an online eCommerce operation, designer brands are extremely popular. No matter the season, names like Calvin Kline, Columbia, Nike, Adidas, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger etc.. are well known by people in all socioeconomic statuses, genders and geographic locations within the US and Canada.

All items are checked by a quality control specialist before bagging and/or shipping.

Items are folded and placed in poly bags with labels and barcodes showing.

Smart Wholesale

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